Cancer – A Promising Treatment

Supports Healthy Sleep Cycle Fights Disease Causing Free Radicals Promotes Relaxation It’s nothing new to say that hormones can affect cancer. Many different forms of cancer are treated by fiddling with the body’s hormonal levels. But, in recent days, the scientific community has been looking into the effects of a specific hormone on cancer: melatonin. […]

Crucial Points to Consider Before Taking This Powerful Antioxidant

Although renowned globally for its medicinal properties in curing sleep disorder, melatonin is not limited to this benefit only. A limited number of people know that it also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the human body. Its antioxidant properties help prevent brain damage along with restricting ulcer formation. Extensive research has also led to […]

The Indispensable Aid to the Proper Functioning of the Body

A naturally occurring substance in the human body, melatonin’s effectiveness as a relaxing supplement is widely known. Also a hormone, it is produced by the pineal gland situated in the brain’s centre. However, its functionalities are not limited to being a starka receptfria sömntabletter hormone. It is a powerful antioxidant too with some unique properties. […]