Shut Your Eyes for a Peaceful Sleep

The pain of an insomniac person is hard to feel unless you go through that phase on your own as well. The worst hangover is the sleep deprived one and you don’t even need to be drunk for it. The sad part is that a lot of people are out of dreams and are facing insomnia. However, if you are insomniac then you definitely know what wonders melatonin can do sometimes.

There are many factors that become the enemies of your sound sleep and bright mornings. So, we will discover them all here.

Peaceful Sleep with Melatonin

Enemies of you and your sleep

We have listed some factors that make it hard to get a sound sleep at night:


We all know this by now, don’t we? A study carried out in 2018, showed that in a group of 4 people, almost 3 are fighting stress. The endless stress leads to sleepless nights and increase the adrenaline in your body.


Majority is addicted to it, right? Caffeine stays in your blood for really long and you probably have no idea about it. It takes almost 8-14 hours to get rid of caffeine, depending on your metabolism. So if you are having trouble sleeping, make sure that tea and coffee are eliminated from your list and oh, you bedside as well.


The master of all it is! Depression and insomnia are like best buddies. While going through a depression phase, the level of serotonin is increased in your body. This makes sleeping really hard. In this regard, sleeping pills are the best bet for you.

Alcohol and Haphazard Eating Habits

A glass of wine is going to harm your sweet sleep just the way eating too much or eating too little can do the destruction. The effort of adjusting these at night can make you spend the entire sleeping time in it.


If you are from the fairer sex group, then your hormones can affect your sleep really well. If its pregnancy, menstruation and menopause; you can be expecting an up and down in sleeping.

Crux of the Matter

There is a variety of branded melatonin sleeping pills available on the market. Just make sure when you buy slaappillen melatonine you purchase a high quality brand. These brands have strict and stringent quality control in the manufacture of the products. Melatonin can welcome back your peaceful sleep in most cases.

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