Crucial Points to Consider Before Taking This Powerful Antioxidant

Although renowned globally for its medicinal properties in curing sleep disorder, melatonin is not limited to this benefit only. A limited number of people know that it also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the human body. Its antioxidant properties help prevent brain damage along with restricting ulcer formation.

Extensive research has also led to a conclusion that melatonin is the hormone that helps inducing sleep to the human body. However, despite the numerous healing benefits, one needs a doctor’s prescription to buy melatonin in the UK.

Unlike other countries, for example the USA, it is not available in a health store as a dietary supplement. So, unless you have it prescribed by a medical practitioner, you will not get to buy one anywhere in the UK.

Buy Melatonin Uk

A few things to know when you must buy melatonin

  1. Ways to buy melatonin for curing sleep disorder –

There are some ways you can buy melatonin and bring it in Great Britain apart from getting it as a prescription drug via the NHS.

  • With NHS approval: If your medical condition falls in the list of official ailments, chances are you will get to buy melatonin through the NHS.
  • Getting it legally from out of the country: You also have an option to buy it from out of the country and use in the UK.
  • Buying from online stores: One of the safest ways to get melatonin tablets is by ordering them from online stores. Some of these stores sell internationally and can help you get your hands-on melatonin supplements. A list of such stores includes GNC, Dr Backhaus, Natrol and Swanson.
  1. Forms of melatonin supplements –

Melatonin is available as both pills for swallowing and as a liquid. Since doctors prescribe melatonin dosage to children suffering from autism, cancer or hyperactivity, these drugs in their liquid form are suggested for kids. However, for adults, it is best to buy melatonin tablets.

  1. Dosage instructions

Melatonin has medicinal use similar to any other prescription drug. So, one needs to follow the correct dosage of consumption. Available in the strengths between 1 and 10 milligrams, one should start consuming them in lower strength. However, people can increase this dosage if they have not seen satisfactory results.

  1. Things to avoid

After you take melatonin, make sure to read the given instructions thoroughly. It is because they contain crucial instructions related to melatonin use like avoiding them when using heavy equipment or before driving.

Besides, it is also crucial that you follow a regular sleeping pattern along with workouts and a proper dietary plan. Many times, you can get rid of sleep disorders by following a healthy lifestyle. You should go for melatonin consumption with doctor’s advice after these options have failed to bear results.

In a nutshell, you should consume melatonin pills under proper guidance and instructions. Follow the instructed dosage to get the best results.

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