Benefits of Melatonin Supplements

The body produces melatonin naturally, and a new study with the zebra fish suggests that even in the absence of a supplement, natural melatonin can help you fall and stay asleep. There are several factors at stake when you are starting to feel tired. Sleep is believed to be regulated by two mechanisms: a homeostatic […]

A Potent Antioxidant with Endless Benefits!

Sleeping is tricky! While for most people, it’s a natural phenomenon, many suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia which eventually leads to chronic diseases. As per statistics, there are more than 50 – 70 million Americans who have insomnia. A 2017 journal states that individuals suffering from this condition spend $2,000 more, in comparison to […]

A Sleep Aid for Sound Sleep and Other Perks

Sleep aiding properties of melatonin make it a common recommendation for consumption. With growing disturbances in sleep patterns of young and old alike, doctors suggest patients to take melatonin supplements. Researchers have found that as people grow old, their body’s capacity to produce melatonin decreases. This is an important reason why it’s more natural for […]