Cancer – A Promising Treatment

Supports Healthy Sleep Cycle Fights Disease Causing Free Radicals Promotes Relaxation It’s nothing new to say that hormones can affect cancer. Many different forms of cancer are treated by fiddling with the body’s hormonal levels. But, in recent days, the scientific community has been looking into the effects of a specific hormone on cancer: melatonin. […]

Crucial Points to Consider Before Taking This Powerful Antioxidant

Although renowned globally for its medicinal properties in curing sleep disorder, melatonin is not limited to this benefit only. A limited number of people know that it also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the human body. Its antioxidant properties help prevent brain damage along with restricting ulcer formation. Extensive research has also led to […]

The Most Effective Hormone in the Human Body

The medical world is widely depending on melatonin for its endless benefits in every human body. That’s why its 100% organic supplements in the form of pills or liquid are available on market today. Nonetheless, you can also buy these melatonin sömntabletter receptfria supplements that can be administered directly in the cheeks or under your […]

The Do’s And Don’ts of Taking Melatonin

Here are the do’s and don’ts of everything that you need to consider when you are taking melatonin natural sleeping aid. Do time your melatonin every night before you sleep The first thing that anyone with sleeping problems needs to do is reserve enough hours for sleeping at night. Timing is everything. Even if you […]

Ways of Treating Insomnia or Other Sleep Issues

Who doesn’t want to have a lifestyle of quality? But does everyone really get one? Perhaps not! And a number of reasons are responsible for the factor – major one being insomnia or difficulty to have a sound sleep at night. Thanks to the increased pressure in our daily life, most of us spent sleepless […]