A Sleep Aid for Sound Sleep and Other Perks

Sleep aiding properties of melatonin make it a common recommendation for consumption. With growing disturbances in sleep patterns of young and old alike, doctors suggest patients to take melatonin supplements.

Researchers have found that as people grow old, their body’s capacity to produce melatonin decreases. This is an important reason why it’s more natural for the youth to have a deep sleep than the old people.

Melatonin is a pineal gland secretion. The gland is approximately the size of a pea and finds its place in the middle of your brain. But, how does melatonin regulate sleep? Read on to know more.

biological clock circadian rhythm

The body clock and its disruption

The human body is blessed with a function known as the circadian rhythm, also called the ‘body clock’. It automatically works to induce sleep when it starts getting dark with the release of melatonin. Similarly, it wakes you up when it’s daytime. However, modern lifestyle leads to disruption of this rhythm. With prolonged use of electronic gadgets during nights or waking up late, your body finds it difficult to send the signal when it’s time.

As a result, the clock starts functioning abnormally while being unable to release melatonin when needed and disrupts your sleep.

When it’s time to buy melatonin supplements

As mentioned earlier, a lack of melatonin leads to sleep disturbances. Hence, consuming melatonin supplements is advisable for people suffering from sleeplessness. It can help the body sleep and also bring back the circadian rhythm into functioning properly with regulated dosage.

However, if you have been suffering from acute sleeplessness for long, consult your doctor before you buy melatonin supplements. Many medical conditions can also be the cause for sleep disturbances. Besides, although being a natural compound with zero side-effect, use of melatonin as a supplement is fairly new. Lack of extensive researches for its long term effect still makes its potential effects unknown.

A strong antioxidant

Melatonin is also known for its powerful anti-oxidative properties. Unlike the rest of the antioxidants, it forms stable compounds with free radicals and the reaction terminates. Thus, it avoids the oxidation and reduction cycle that tends to act counter-intuitively and release free radicals later. Therefore, it becomes a unique antioxidant.

Besides, it is also capable of surpassing the barrier between blood and brain. So, it effectively blocks any foreign object from entering the brain to infect it.

Effective in kids’ anxiety and hyperactivity treatment

Many parents have claimed that melatonin supplements help their children cope up with anxiety and autistic brain retardation. Thus, doctors are also inclined to suggest parents of autistic and hyperactive children to buy melatonin supplements.

Nevertheless, researchers have found different results in different kids towards melatonin consumption. This makes it imperative for parents to consult a pediatrician before buying these supplements from drug stores or pharmacies.

The takeaway

Melatonin is being used as a prescription drug for just over a decade; many of its effects are still unknown. Hence, despite the compelling properties that these supplements carry, it is best to take slaappillen bestellen on a doctor’s prescription.

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