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coop adoptCooperative Adoption Consulting…
was established by Ellen Roseman over twenty five years ago to assist prospective adoptive parents in the open adoption process. Independent and agency adoptions are facilitated in a supportive nurturing and educational atmosphere. Cooperative Adoption Consultation respects and welcomes working with all family types.Ellen Roseman B.A. has been working in adoption as a facilitator in California for over twenty four years and has helped facilitate more than 1800 infant and older child adoption placements.If a strong family commitment is what you desire and you are ready to venture forth, Cooperative Adoption may be right for you.EMAIL:
Telephone: (415) 453-0902
FAX: (415) 455-9449

The Guide for a Safe Adoption Journey
“The Cruelest Con”
By Kelly Kiser-Mostrom
Advance Praise…..
cruelest“The Cruelest Con” is a unique book in many ways: it is deeply personal, emotionally powerful, and contains important lessons for everyone in the adoption community. We all should read it and learn from it so that adoption can truly be the rewarding, ethical process that it should be.”Adam Pertman, author of “Adoption Nation” and executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute of Broken Spirits ~ Lost Souls: Loving Children with Attachment and Bonding Difficulties****Note From The Author****
Unethical practices and adoption scams do not only happen to adoptive parents. Expectant mothers, birth parents, seo leeds, adoptee’s and adoption professionals are also at risk. In order for a con to be successful often times the con will hide under the cloak of legitimate professionals. Education, knowing who you are working with, and thoroughly researching your options are a start in the right direction for an ethical positive adoption journey. Ethics in adoption is a MUST and the NORM!CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE BOOKS ON ADOPTION READING!babies by the bayANNOUNCEMENTS
Cooperative Adoption Consulting has received a 5-star rating (the highest) and an informational listing in “Babies by the Bay, 2nd Edition”, available November 2005 from Council Oak Books:
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Facilitated by Roberta Rodriguez-Havens, M.A. Ed.
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